March 27

Best New Product 2018 | Fortress wins big at Worldwide Winter Show


We can barely contain our excitement! Fortress BasePro won some top honors at the 2018 Worldwide Winter Show in February. Our BasePro was awarded “BEST NEW PRODUCT 2018″ and “BEST IN SHOW” against some tough competitors. We knew our stuff was amazing and we are ecstatic that experts do as well.

Best New Product 2018 | Fortress wins big at Worldwide Winter Show

Fortress Clothing Takes Home Top Awards

“They found room for us in this year’s trade show and we could not be happier,” and said CEO Dale Lewis.

Fortress BasePro

BasePro wins Best in Show and Best New Product

Fortress BasePro awarded Best New Product 2018

It’s no wonder the Fortress BasePro was awarded Best New Product 2018.

The BasePro insulated base-layer Crew Neck Top is part of a VERSATILE layering system that is revolutionizing outdoor activity. We have combined a base layer Top with the use of the Patented AERIS™ 250 insulation in key areas, creating one of the first base layers in the market that is insulated, helping reduce the need for multiple layers.

It is light-weight, unrestrictive, breathable and comfortable between temperatures of -5°F to 70°F.

The BasePro utilizes the advantage of a 4-way stretch brushed polyester, resulting in comfort against the skin. It is built using reinforced stitching in high movement areas to ensure durability and comfort through the most demanding activities.

BasePro is not limited only to the adventurers, but makes an effective and lightweight base layer for anyone facing a variety of outdoor temperatures, for work and play.

BasePro is designed to be used ‘next-to-skin’ as a first layer with the addition of a basic loose fitting long sleeve shirt, light weight outer shell or Jacket.


Worldwide is a member-owned buying group that has supplied independent retailers across the United States and Canada with products and services for the last 60 years. They service over 3,000 vendors from Camping to Hardware. Our BasePro will now be added to the list of offerings and we are looking forward to making Fortress Clothing a household name for winter clothing.

The variety of vendors that WorldWide services include items in these categories; ‘Shooting Sports, Camping, Fishing/Tackle, Hardware, HomeWorld, Lawn/Garden/Patio, Toys/Seasonal, Athletics, Clothing (Men’s, Women’s and Kids), Footwear’.

Shop for the BasePro now here!


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